We have several updates since the first release. These were already in the works and undergoing testing.

  1. Added features to Create, Edit, View and Mange your Data Governance Teams. This graphical interface allows to build data governance team charts with various team members, their roles and hierarchy with a few easy clicks. Intuitive navigation – zooming in/out, moving left/right, traversing the team charts.
  2. Workflow managed Data Policies – User can create, save and submit their for approvals. Authorized groups and personnel – Data Stewards or other governing bodies can review the policies and approve / reject them for changes. Once the approvals are in, the policies are published to the user community for use.
  3. Broadcast/Announcements – Data Governance Stewards, Business Analysts can create and publish important announcements to the general user base or to target user group – in any business domain or DG roles. Broadcast message will show on the landing page/dashboard when the user logs in and will be available to see as long as the user click ‘x’ to ignore the message. These messages will also show in the Message Center Inbox for every user logging into the system
  4. Endorsement/Approval Queue – A convenience feature that alerts the user with a message in their Message Center Inbox when ever there is a request for endorsement/approval on the data or rule definition. On clicking the queue, the user is directed to a list of items – business terms, rules, code modules, jobs that are waiting on their approval. The data steward (or authorized personnel) can then endorse the definition by clicking endorse icon.
  5. Added about 198 Data Quality Rules (PPDM) and their implementations for PPDM SQL Server.