Data management professionals with a vision to solve the most common, vexing data issues arising due to poor governance.

At Melin, we have seen various types of data – missing, good, bad, confusing, fast, slow – you name it. Started by data management professionals with several years of  implementation experience in data governance and management projects, IrisDG aims to distill the collective knowledge into easy to use tools.

We believe that businesses make better decisions with better data in hand. And good data governance is necessary for good data. Instead of establishing a stodgy bureaucracy with rigid structures, we help our customers build nimble data governance and management groups aided simple, yet powerful tools.

Data Governance Suite with modules for data policies, business data definitions catalog, rules repository, data issue tracker, reference data, reports – all working seamlessly to make your data better

We have methodologies that go with our best in class software that can be fine tuned to suite your organizations’ needs. Our best practices help you establish your data governance organization and sustain it with minimal effort.

IrisDG comes with predefined rules that can be adjusted per your requirements. Or you can add your own rules with few simple clicks. IrisDG takes your inputs and converts them into DQ programs to check and validate data.