Introducing IrisDG – Data Governance Solution

A simplified approach to better managing your information assets.

Often we hear how the businesses are getting inundated with data. As businesses want to collect all relevant data from every available source and use it most efficiently to gain competitive advantage, its business and IT teams are finding it time consuming. Instead of managing business aspects and finding new opportunities, teams keep searching for data, correcting it, shaping it before they can even use it. A significant amount of time is being spent on the latter part.

We developed this solution to help business and IT personnel solve some of their key issues – finding relevant data, assessing its quality, reporting issues and managing critical data sets. We built the solution with integrated data governance all the way from defining policies to roles and responsibilities to dashboards.

Explore our product features to learn more. This initial iteration of the product has Business Terms Data Catalog, Business Rules, Code Modules & Jobs (rules engines), Dashboards, Data Policies, Workflows, and several others. We will keep adding additional features and keep posting updates here. Stay tuned!